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Military and non-military aspects of security of poland

P. Pacek
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Description: The following article represents the attempt to present the increasing impact of hybrid conflicts on the The following paper represents the attempt to present military and non-military issues concerning security of Republic of Poland. The particular at-tention is paid to the analysis of European security threats escalating recently, with particular reference to Poland. It shows complexity and different aspects of threats arising from Russian aggressive attitude and from terror organisations' operation. It indicates the difficulties in creating an effective European defence system and in shaping a consensus between NATO and EU. While listing the threats which Poland must face, it highlights that the security environment, not only in Poland but also all over the world, has recently experienced many changes. This situation makes it necessary to adjust the defence systems to prevent and combat new threats. The author points out that the analysis of the last decade's events shows the increasing importance of non-military threats - political, economic and social. By knowledgeable use of unconventional means, opponent is able to cause dam-age without the visible evidence. Facing the situation of unpredictable events and their development author posits that it is now more than lately necessary to act proactively in order to have sustainable development in Poland and to prepare Poland to be able to prevent and combat various types of threats.

Keywords: national security, security threats, nonmilitary security threats, Poland

 Patsek, P. (2018), “Voennыe y nevoennыe aspektы bezopasnosty Polshy” [Military and non-military aspects of security of Poland], Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 4(33), pp. 107-118. https://doi.org/10.30748/nitps.2018.33.14.