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  5. Determination of the inter-repair resource of aviation engines in the process of import substitution of accessories

Determination of the inter-repair resource of aviation engines in the process of import substitution of accessories

Ye. Ilenko, M. Sushak, P. Steshenko
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Description: Currently, most component parts and design components of military aircrafts gas turbine engines in Ukraine Armed Forces have been developed and manufactured in the Russian Federation. The issue has become topical of supplying products, equivalent to the standard ones, from other countries (purchase diversification) or establishing domestic production of the latter (import substitution). Usually, a certain component parts and design elements are to be necessarily replaced in the aircraft engine repairing process (unless depending on the technical condition). Such a nomenclature, being a part of an aircraft engine, for example, are individual rolling bearings and bellows.The resource of such a complex technical system as gas turbine engine, including its set of units with different processes of their loads, can be defined as the time between operating time before repair, during which it is reasonable and acceptable to use the engine for specific operating conditions. The very feasibility and admissibility assessment is determined by fulfilling the requirements of the standard serviceability indicators of a military aircraft fleet, that is, it assumes achieving maximum economic effect together with the required reliability level. In terms of replacing gas turbine engines components and design elements with domestic components, it becomes necessary to correct the resource of the engine and its parts. Technical and economic content of the gas turbine engine resource concept depends on many factors. Justified definition of a resource involves taking physical factors into account, that affect the engine properties change over time (aging process), as well as economic factors that determine feasibility of further increase in resource under specific conditions of operating, maintenance and repair, according to the “cost-effectiveness” criterion. This article’s purpose is to analyze existing approaches to determining aircraft engine resource, which should install domestically manufactured components during restoration, and to substantiate content of equivalent and cyclic tests programs in order to determine the aircraft engine individual components resource.

Keywords: import substitution, safety factor, reliability, life, equivalent tests, test cycle, model of the process of increasing the overhaul life


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