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  5. Improvement guidance system of the reactive controllable projectile for ground targets

Improvement guidance system of the reactive controllable projectile for ground targets

V. Tarshin, M. Derhousov
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Description: Improvement of existing guided missile rocket launchers is mainly aimed at developing various variants of the combat part of the cassette or fragmentation-explosive type and increasing the flight range of the projectile. This, in turn, does not allow for defeat of targets with the necessary probability. The article considers ways to improve the guidance system (homing) of guided missiles for the damage to ground objects. In order to ensure circular probable deviation of the RCC shells of about several meters, which corresponds to the probability of defeating the target characteristic of high-precision controlled means of damage, in the course of the flight of the projectile it is necessary to correct the operation of the inertial guidance system using systems of the best order of accuracy. As such, satellite navigation systems, and correlation-extreme navigation systems (navigation) can be used. However, the use of satellite correction of the flight path of the guided missile does not provide conditions for autonomous guidance, as well as operational consideration of the change in the situation with regard to the object of damage. An alternative to the satellite correctional systems for controlling damage is the correlation-extreme guidance systems (CESN), the unconditional advantages of which are autonomy, high precision, immunity, as well as taking into account changes in the operational and tactical situation in the area of the object of damage, which is used for the MRZV shells. The tasks to be solved while being determined on the basis of the requirements put forward for a high-precision guidance system, as well as the characteristics of the flight of the shells itself. At the same time, the main focus is on providing the required mean square error in determining the spatial position of the projectile on the final section of the trajectory of its flight.

Keywords: correlation-extreme guidance systems, high-precision damage, satellite navigation systems, projectile, jet system of salvo fire, blurry outlines


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