Strong Europe with strong Ukraine

Boguslaw Pacek
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Description: The article was prepared with the materials of the lectures and seminars that were conducted by the author in higher military educational institutions of Ukraine at the end of 2018. Analysis of the current geopolitical situation demonstrates the growing international competition of supergovernments - the United States of America, China and Russia. In these circumstances, some European countries, including Germany, Great Britain and France do not have the necessary potential, which allows them to be equal partners with the world's supergovernments. However, the European Union is a confirmation opportunities of consolidation. The strength of Europe is strong states which act together. Ukraine is one of the largest European countries, which has great potential and huge development opportunities. In the future, Ukraine can contribute to the development of the EU. Therefore, the issues of further European development of Ukraine and the termination of aggression by the Russian Federation are absolutely important for the entire European community. The annexation of Crimea and the war in Donbas demonstrate to the world the true face of the Russian leadership. By its actions, Russia is trying to force Ukraine not only to abandon its European integration, but also to achieve complete subordination of Ukraine to Russia's interests in the conditions of the formal preservation of its state sovereignty and independence. Despite the fact that Ukraine not fully used all the opportunities gained after the collapse of the Soviet Union, at present it has a real chance of building a strong and equal European country. The article discusses issues of further development of Ukraine, shows the importance of cooperation between the European Union and Ukraine in the economic, political and military spheres on the path of its European integration.

Keywords: European Union, Ukraine, European integration, aggression of the Russian Federation


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