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Advanced approaches towards aircraft load optimization problem

Ye. Sahun
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Description: The article is dedicated to advanced approaches towards aircraft load optimization problem, which is based on mathemat-ical analysis’ methods, modeling, heuristics, linear and dynamic programming. Scientific literature contains researches towards assignment (correct replacement Unit Load Devices’ total weight inside the aircraft), bin packing problem (item’s assignment inside the container/bin), heuristic approaches, such as pyramidal loading approach and method of 50/50. Thus, analyzed re-searches don’t provide any example of solving the load optimization problem inside it’s time frames. For the purpose of detailed problem’s research, taking into account the center of gravity statement’s analyzing, the aircraft cargo compartment was demon-strated as a rectangle. Cargo compartment’s rectangle model gives an opportunity to optimize the payload’s replacement towards the center of gravity, аnd also to find it’s most appropriate position. Due to research results, the problem was found and defined as a lack of any valid methods and approaches, which are able to solve the load optimization problem, taking into account it’s time limits. Three additional criteria were imposed and the objective function with weight, time, and value constraints was written. The objective function lies in minimization of loading time of the set amount of the aircraft cargo bins, as soon as the quantity of loading/unloading procedures consequently depends on time savings. The function constraints are aircraft stand-by time, aircraft’s capacity, latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of center of gravity’s shifting. Learning and analyzing of the loading procedure in time frames can influence on the further cut of salary costs per flight.

Keywords: aircraft, mathematical model, optimal loading, ULD (Unit Load Devices), objective function, loading time optimization


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 Sahun, Ye.C. (2019), “Suchasni pidkhody do vyrishennia problemy optymalnoho zavantazhennia povitrianoho sudna” [Advanced approaches towards aircraft load optimization problem], Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 1(34), pp. 46-50. https://doi.org/10.30748/nitps.2019.34.06.