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  5. Creation of architecture of software monitoring system information on the condition of human health

Creation of architecture of software monitoring system information on the condition of human health

V. Golian, D. Samoilenko
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Description: The article substantiates the relevance of the study of software systems for monitoring information about the state of human health using smart devices IoT. The analysis of existing devices that allow to monitor the state of human health, software products that help to process the information received from the devices was carried out. The aim is to design and development of intelligent software system for monitoring on human health. Functional systems must meet all the requirements of users who want to use the system for monitoring information on human health. The methods of making instruments based on the development of web applications on the platform Java, data transfer protocol HTTP. Also next technologies were analysed: Apache Maven, Apache Tomcat servlet container and Spring framework for creating web applications on the platform Java EE. PostgreSQL was selected as DBMS. The advantages if this DBMS are described in the article. Tables and relationships in the database were designed. And also considered a new, gaining popularity concept of the Internet of things, which allows you to monitor almost any object, monitor and manage it, as well as include information about these objects in the network. The scheme of interaction of all system components was also described. Also, the publication presents a class diagram for the application for monitoring the state of human health. It presents the basic entities and relationships between them that will be required to implement the application. As a result of this work, the architecture and database scheme of the human health information monitoring system was designed, which is a web application based on the SpringMVC framework, so the aim of the work was done.

Keywords: software system, health, internet of things, software architecture, database


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