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  5. Methods of diagnostic information processing based on physical diagnosis methods and extreme tests results of digital devices’ radio-electronic components of radio-electronics

Methods of diagnostic information processing based on physical diagnosis methods and extreme tests results of digital devices’ radio-electronic components of radio-electronics

S. Gluhov
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Description: The previous research articles suggested physical diagnosis which, unlike the functional one which is currently widely used in digital technology, allows to determine the real technical state of digital devices’ radio-electronic components making up blocks of radio-electronic equipment units. Extreme tests have been conducted resulting in diagnostic parameter approximate functions of time as part of finding a solution to the issue of ensuring reliability of radio-electronic components and in view of the failure to define their remaining life time in the future. Integrated application of physical diagnosis methods (energy-dynamic, energy-static, electromagnetic) will allow to improve reliability indexes of electronics. Application of these methods given the results of extreme tests provides a powerful tool used to define technical state of radio-electronic components to a high precision as well as to forecast it, although technical state forecasting had not been sufficiently explored. Application of such combination to build a new Technical Diagnosis Automated System is likely provided the development of Diagnostic Information Processing Methods, which is the purpose of this article. Operation of a new Technical Diagnosis Automated System based on physical diagnosis methods and extreme tests’ results will allow to predetermine radio-electronic components with critical characteristics with a high probability. Timely replacement of digital devices with the mentioned elements will reduce the number of sudden failures of electronics’ blocks. That is particularly relevant for critical infrastructure facilities (aviation, space, nuclear energy) as their unpredictable breakdown could have disastrous and even irreparable consequences. Introduction of a new Technical Diagnosis Automated System would lead to the increase of availability factor as an integrated reliability indicator of radio-electronics and would make it possible to save a substantial share of public funds spent on the reservation of the mentioned facilities’ blocks, while maintaining a high level of safety.

Keywords: radio-electronics, physical diagnosis methods, radio-electronic components, technical state, diagnostic information, forecasting, Technical Diagnosis Automated System


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