Reliability of obtaining the measuring information by measuring-computing complex of proving ground

 B. Chumak, V. Romaniuk
UDK 621.396
Article language: english
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Annotation: The requirements for the information, that obtained by the measuring-computing complex (MCC) of proving ground, are considered. On the basis of adoption the concept of independence and equal probability of events, it has been determined, that the components of concept the reliability of obtaining measurement information are: the own reliability of measurement system itself, the reliability of measurement information, that is, the probability that the measurement errors will not exceed a predetermined value, and the likelihood that the information will be correct processed by the information processing system. The requirements have been put forward and an estimation of required precision the range measurements has been carried out to provide the given reliability of obtaining the measuring information.

Keywords: military proving ground, the measuring-computing complex, information and information-measuring system, information and measuring equipment, reliability of obtaining the measuring information


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Information about the authors of publication:
Chumak, B.O. and Romaniuk, V.M. (2019), Reliability of obtaining the measuring information by measuring-computing complex of proving ground, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 1(59), pp. 87-91.