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  5. Mathematical modeling of the diagrams of reverse secondary radiation of anti-radiation rockets in a centimeter wave range

Mathematical modeling of the diagrams of reverse secondary radiation of anti-radiation rockets in a centimeter wave range

S. Oriekhov, A. Volkov, S. Korsunov, O. Lezik
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Description: With the start of active combat operations, the Air Force will solve one of the main combat missions - conquering and maintaining air superiority, part of which is the suppression and destruction of ground-based enemy air defense systems, in order to ensure the freedom of action of aviation when performing combat missions. The experience of the conflicts of recent decades has shown that the destruction of the enemy’s airborne radar and air defense weapons is now a prerequisite for gaining and maintaining air superiority over the enemy. That is, under conditions that are particularly relevant and acute for anti-aircraft units that are armed with radar tools, there is the problem of providing an effective and sustainable anti-aircraft missile-artillery system for covering troops and objects under fire conditions from the enemy. One of the measures aimed at solving this problem is the inclusion in the composition of the air defense groups of effective means of fire destruction of the attack components of the enemy’s high-precision weapons, in particular anti-radar missiles, in the near zone. Based on the analysis of the combat capabilities of air attack weapons (EAS), the forms and methods of their combat use in local wars and conflicts, the problem of ensuring an effective and consistent anti-aircraft missile-artillery system for protecting troops and objects under fire influence from the enemy has been identified. The method of calculating the dispersion characteristics of complex radar objects, for example, anti-radar missiles, is considered. The calculated diagrams of the inverse secondary radiation of the ARR AGM-88 HARM in the centimeter wavelength range are given. An assessment was made of the effective surface dispersion values of anti-aircraft antiradar missiles in order to refine existing samples and develop requirements for promising means of self-defense of anti-aircraft units. An interval estimate of the averaged effective scattering surface of the PI is made at various radiation angles.

Keywords: effective scattering surface, reverse secondary radiation diagrams of ARR


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