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  5. Wireless sensor networks Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in cyber-physical systems: the conception “object – threat – defence” on the basis of OSI model

Wireless sensor networks Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in cyber-physical systems: the conception “object – threat – defence” on the basis of OSI model

V. Dudykevych, G. Mykytyn, A. Rebets, M. Melnyk
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Description: The approach to provide information security of sensor networks based on Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth developed in the article according to the OSI model in the space “OSI layer – functions – protocols” built on the conception “object – threat – defense” and standardization. The results of modern research on security concerns related to wireless sensor networks cover a wide range of information security methods and tools. The application of system analysis and modeling methods to create complex security system of sensor networks based on ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth according to the OSI model allows to develop effective approaches to information security of cyber-physical system wireless communication environment. The results of the conception “object – threat – defense” applying to provide security of sensor networks based on ZigBee and Wi-Fi at the application, presentation, session, transport, network, data link and physical layers of the OSI model for the relevant protocols, functions, threats and protection are given. The basis of the conception is the standardization related to the abovementioned network technologies. The proposed conception of ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sensor networks security is important for secure communication establishment between physical and cybernetic layers of cyber-physical system during registered information transmission through the sensor network from physical objects to embedded computer with the purpose of data processing and object state identification, and, based on it, making the control decision. The obtained results can be used to create complex security systems for the communication environment of cyber-physical systems, which will ensure safe processes of automation of Ukrainian industrial infrastructure objects and integration into the international intellectual space. The developed models are universal in the space of information security of cyber-physics systems and they form a strategy for further practical research and application.

Keywords: sensor network, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cyber-physical system, OSI model, information security, object-threat-defense concept


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