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Method of hidden in voice message transfer of information in voice message

А. Bekirov, O. Baranik, V. Parfylo
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Description: The article deals with the actual question of the functioning of the information support system for the performance of com-bat missions by aircraft crews. Samples of existing domestic and foreign equipment for the exchange of information messages are analyzed. On the basis of the analysis, it was discovered that the existing radio station of the domestic specimen does not meet modern requirements for the protection of information. At the same time, the RF-7850A-MR provides the bandwidth require-ments of the data channels and the level of security. But the modernization of aircraft on the basis of the considered radio station requires significant material costs and implementation of NATO standards. The factors influencing the threat of information security of data exchange, taking into account the experience of ATO and EOS, were also analyzed. An important aspect of the operation of data exchange systems in conditions of active confrontation is to provide a given level of security. In order to elimi-nate the revealed restrictions on the functioning of the considered equipment in a single information space, a direction is pro-posed that provides for the masking of data in voice messages with further transmission in analogue radio stations. The require-ments for the algorithm are formed, which consist in minimizing the distortion of the outgoing voice message as a result of em-bedding information. A method for masking data in voice messages based on modifying the phases of fragments according to an indirect rule has been developed. In this case, masking allows you to hide the information messages in the containers without attracting attention. An algorithm for disguising information from a speech message is also developed, the binary information extracted can be used by aircraft equ ipment to provide information support for comveloped method was assessed.

Keywords: phase spectrum, information masking, data channel, throughput.


 Bekirov, A.E., Baranik, O.M. and Parfylo, V.V. (2019), “Metod prykhovanoi peredachi informatsii v movnomu povidomlenni” [Method of hidden transfer of information in voice message], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(60), pp. 75-82. https://doi.org/10.30748/zhups.2019.60.10.