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  5. Improving the methods of relay protection of power transformers in electrical supply systems for military airdromes relevant for Joint Forces Operation

Improving the methods of relay protection of power transformers in electrical supply systems for military airdromes relevant for Joint Forces Operation

H. Lahutin, A. Kudryavs’kyy, S. Khabosha
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Description: The experience of the use of forces (troops) during the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) indicates that only the high reliability of electric power networks of military airdromes guarantees the qualitative performance of combat missions, assigned to fighter, assault, bombing, reconnaissance and transport aviation. At the same time, the protection of power transformers from damage or abnormal operating modes is carried out by relay protection devices based on electromagnetic relays of voltage, time, etc., or fuses. For protection of transformers of military airdromes power supply systems at their damage and for signaling of violation of normal modes of their work, the following types of protection are used: Instantaneous interruption without time delay; Earth protection; Gas protection; Maximum current protection with time delay; Overload protection that acts on the signal. Given the moral and physical obsolete relay protection devices, one should consider the possibility of transferring the relay protection system to a modern microprocessor base. This will increase the efficiency of the use of aviation during of battle actions in the JFO zone To improve the systems of relay protection of power transformers of the military airfield, it is proposed to use a more reliable and efficient microprocessor relay protection device SEPAM 1000 + series of the Schneider Electric company. The mi-croprocessor relay protection devices of SEPAM 1000 + series are designed to perform the functions of relay protection, auto-mation, control and signaling transformer substations of power supply systems of varying complexity. High reliability, higher computing power and the speed of such devices are provided by the use of modular architecture, modern elemental base and surface mount technology. High accuracy when measuring the parameters of electrical signals and countdowns of intervals of time can increase the sensitivity of the devices and reduce the degree of their selectivity. One device can provide comprehensive protection not only of a separate transformer, but also of the down substation as a whole.

Keywords: power transformer, power supply system, military airfield, relay protection.


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