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  5. Method diagnostics of the gas turbine engine in the direct spectrum of vibration

Method diagnostics of the gas turbine engine in the direct spectrum of vibration

Yu. Chepurniy, B. Martinets
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Description: The article is about oscillation processes of nodes generating vibrations in aviation gas turbine installations (GTI). The engine is considered as a complex dynamic system consisting of a finite number of interconnected and interacting elements and nodes through which the transfer of fluctuations from one node to another on the body of the GTI and air vehicle (AV). The development of a detection method aviation powerplants (APP) through direct spectrum vibration of the previous state units was carried out. Formalized the procedure for determining the technical state of nodes and aggregates of the GTI by the comparison of two spectra of the spectral analysis of the vibration signals obtained with the help of narrow-angle vibration transducer. For the purposes of vibration diagnostics of aviation GTI, two types of spectrs were used: built on a linear scale and spectrs con-structed on a logarithmic scale. The use of broadband spectrs constructed on a logarithmic scale which allows us to determine defects in the work of blades and kinematic pairs. The research method is to compare two spectrographs of the vibration of the GTI nodes measured at certain intervals. As a result of the comparison and analysis of the linear spectra vibration engines, we received important diagnostic information on the quality of the assembly and the degree of wearing nodes and mechanisms that are part of the gas turbine installations, as well as the diagnostic value of the spectral analysis of the vibration signals obtained with the help of a narrow-vibration transducer as a tool for obtaining a high-frequency signal. The type of engine under investi-gation has a broadband spectrs of frequencies on small gas up to 25 kHz and above; in cruising mode the frequency range ex-tends to 50 kHz.

Keywords: oscillating; vibration; procedure; resonance; spectrograms; technical diagnostic.


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