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  5. Evaluation model of the impact of threats on the condition of the protection of the electronic communication systems

Evaluation model of the impact of threats on the condition of the protection of the electronic communication systems

A. Storchak, P. Sydorkin, A. Mykytiuk, S. Salnyk
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Description: The article discusses attack description models. In the general information protection model, with a complete overlap of each threat, the information protection system is confronted by a protection mechanism that prevents threats from affecting the protected area. It has been established that the model should take into account the greatest number of factors influencing threats, the likelihood of vulnerability and threat realization, threat realization and possible losses, as well as determine the effectiveness of the implementation of protective equipment and the degree of system security. Requirements to ensure the performance of formal methods for short limited samples on the list of security threats to information resources, attack parameters and security conditions of a communication system are determined. A resolution rule is described that, with the least amount of errors, classi-fies the security status of a communication system according to the effects of threats based on a sequence of parameters of cyber-attacks. A generic typical model is presented that describes the interaction of threats, the security features of the security system of electronic communications systems, and a variety of security states. To determine the state of security of communication sys-tems, it is proposed to apply the method of finding a decision rule based on the construction of a separating hyperplane. This model is built on the basis of solving the following tasks: determining the initial set of threats combined at a specific time in the threat vector, and changing the coordinates of the vector for a certain observation period; estimating quantitative values of threat levels in selected time slices of the model phase space; search for the optimal guiding vector of the separating hyperplane for a set of vectors of successive change of threat levels. The proposed model for assessing the impact of threats on the state of security will quickly take into account changes in the threats of communication systems, consider additional threats that recur, and receive current assessments of the state of protection of information resources in general.

Keywords: communication system, information security model, security assessment, threat impact model, threat parameters.


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