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Use of scientific databases and their tools in research

P. Pacek
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Description: The modern information society is characterized by a constant increase in the volume of information that is disseminated through various means of communication. In these conditions, the informational competence of scientists is of particular impor-tance. Therefore, it is relevant not only to carry out high-quality scientific research and obtain new scientific results, but above all to publish them in the relevant industry journals, which have a high rating and are included in the corresponding scientometric databases. At the same time, scientometric databases play an increasingly important role and play the role of a filter, collecting only the most valuable scientific publications and at the same time ignoring unscientific or low quality, carrying out a faster and more efficient information search. Knowledge of the capabilities of modern scientometric databases and their tools is extremely important for all researchers, but especially for young scientists who are just taking their first steps in the global scientific and information environment. The article briefly summarizes and analyzes the capabilities of the world's leading scientometric databases and their tools, namely SciVerse Scopu, Web of Science Core Collection and Google Scholar for organizing and conducting research, as well as publishing the results. It is shown that despite some existing disadvantages, these scientometric bases remain the most key in resolving the issues under consideration. It is also noteworthy that modern scientometric databases are not only tools but also information banks, which can be used to diagnose the state of science at the national or international level and allow us to investigate the state and tendencies of further development of scientific researches.

Keywords: scientometric databases, scientific research, scientific publications, citation.


 Patsek, P. (2019), “Vykorystannia naukometrychnykh baz ta yikh instrumentariiu u naukovykh doslidzhenniakh” [Use of scientific databases and their tools in research], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 3(61), pp. 129-128. https://doi.org/10.30748/zhups.2019.61.15.