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To the issue of mine hazard level assessment

V. Kotsiuruba, I. Chernykh, V. Maliuha, O. Misyura
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Description: Recently, as a result of hostilities in the East of Ukraine, the problem of mine danger has become much more acute, requiring some evaluation in order to formulate and implement timely and effective organizational and technical measures by both the military administration and state authorities in the field of mine action. An analysis of the situation where, as a result of hostilities, a large area of Donetsk and Luhansk regions is contaminated with explosive objects (GNP) showed that only by estimated estimates the area of the liberated area, which is considered to be mine-dangerous, is about 7000 km2, which is home to about 1.5 million. citizens of Ukraine. In addition, the area that is temporarily out of control of our state is about 15,000 km2 The paper proposes a scientific and methodological apparatus that allows to estimate the level of mine danger in areas containated with explosive objects. Unlike the existing ones, this apparatus additionally takes into account the totality of probabilities of all events that are part of the process of hitting a target with a mine or explosive objects of another type, the degree of contamination of the area with explosive objects. The criterion for assessing the level of mine risk based on the concept of suitability decision making was selected and its maximum permissible numerical value was substantiated. As a direction for further research, calculations may be carried out using the pro-posed scientific and methodological apparatus and justification based on the results of its application of ways of solving the mine danger problem.

Keywords: explosive object, mine danger, mine action, mine clearance, pollution.


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