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“Мikhтiм” or nonpareil Кalashnikov, is 100 years old

V. Semenyuk, D. Zhuikov, R. Frunt
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Description: 10 November 2019 to the world brand, creator of the best rifle self-firer of past century, designer-gunsmith, to the father known in the whole world “kalasha” – “MIKHTIMU”, that to Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikovu, 100 years would be carried out. We expressing great respect to M.T. Kalashnikov, as “A man of the twentieth century” – A man who created the best auto-matic small arms of the last century. In the article We would like to once again recall the main stages of his life and work. Mik-hail Timofeevich has gone from a simple schoolboy, with seven classes of a rural high school, to an internationally recognized academician – Doctor of Technical Sciences (without defending a thesis on the amount of research works and inventions);the inventor of self-taught to the Chief Designer - General Director of scientific-production association “Izhmash” (Concern “Kal-ashnikov”); from an ordinary soldier to a lieutenant general. He devoted his life to the favorite business development and the creation of small arms, simple to use and easy for a soldier. He was repeatedly awarded with various awards and accolades. In the homeland of the designer in the village Kurya, during his lifetime, a bronze bust was installed. Kalashnikov is the only person who was twice a Hero of Socialist Labor and a Hero of Russia. A comparative analysis of the inventions of an outstanding de-signer, from the first submachine gun to the modern AK-15 assault rifle with a brief description, makes it possible to understand the structure of the main types and groups of samples of Kalashnikov’s weapons and compare their characteristics with ana-logues of world models. The Kalashnikov assault rifle entered the Guinness Book of Records as the most common weapon. Ac-cording to experts in the world there are more than 100 million machines.Various modifications of Kalashnikov assault rifles are in service in armies and special units of 106 countries in the world. Ak entered the state symbols of countries and depicted in their flags and coats of arms. all this makes it possible to evaluate the merits and received awards, as well as the contribution of mikhail kalashnikov in the creation of small arms and hunting weapons.

Keywords: Kalashnikov, weapons designer, small arms, assault rifle, test sample.


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