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  5. Analysis of approaches for the creation of geoinformation platform to provide geoinformation support for decision making on tactical level

Analysis of approaches for the creation of geoinformation platform to provide geoinformation support for decision making on tactical level

V. Podlipaiev
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Description: The subject matter of the article is the existing software solutions for the integrated use of spatial information. The goal is to study and analyze certain decisions that are implemented in geoinformation systems in order to use them for geoinformation support at the tactical level. The tasks are: to study and analyze the capabilities of individual samples of geoinformation support software, and to determine the peculiarities of implementation in them algorithms for data collection, systemization, accumula-tion and visualization. The methods used are: statistical analysis methods, optimization methods, modeling methods, methods for constructing complex systems. The following results were obtained. It is established that the pressing issue is - the use of a geoin-formation platform for collecting, processing, analyzing, accumulating geospatial data and providing access and exchange of data between users of different levels and destinations. This article presents the results of studying and analyzing the capabilities of individual samples of geoinformation support software, which can be used in the creation of automated tactical level control systems. In particular, the necessary solutions for the tactical level of implementation are to some extent implemented in such software products (services) as: the universal Liveuamap awareness map; Delta Monitor; Delta Drive; Special Mars software; Special Combat vision software; Casper EEMZ information system. Conclusions. Ukraine has accumulated some experience in creating and using tactical-level software for commanders (headquarters). A characteristic feature of the geoinformation plat-forms under consideration is that they are created using different software tools, using different approaches to data collection, systemization, accumulation and visualization. The conducted research shows the positive tendencies of introduction of geoin-formation technologies in the processes of gathering, accumulation and display of operational information in the sphere of man-agement decisions, but reveal the need for further research on the problem of defining certain approaches to their integration and use of information resources at once from several existing geoinformation.

Keywords: geoinformation system, geoinformation support, decision making, specialized software, management of spatial-distributed information.


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