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  5. Analysis of construction of methods of measurement of medical application

Analysis of construction of methods of measurement of medical application

A. Naumenko, D. Holovniak, N. Spanchak
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Description: The subject of the study in the article is an analysis of the construction of medical measuring instruments used in medical institutions. The purpose of the article is to substantiate the feasibility of conducting an analysis of the construction of medical measuring instruments used in medical institutions. The task to be solved is the substantiation of the expedient use of medical means for prediction and detection of various diseases and diseases, the treatment of the wounded who have perspective direc-tions of the development of medical equipment of hospitals and hospitals. To solve the problems of public health care in the field and inpatient medical establishments, we use modern technical devices, which are connected by electrical, electronic, optoelec-tronic, mechanical connections into nodes, blocks, systems, complexes. Electronic automated control systems and other devices have a very large number of components. However, changes in the parameters (properties) of one or more products affect the quality of functioning of other interacting, connected products. Any product has a limit resource and term-of-service. Over time, its parameters change gradually, and in case of influence of external factors quickly. The presence of linkages between the ele-ments causes a corresponding change in some common parameter of the set of paired components. At a certain level of change of one or more parameters the node (block, system, complex) loses its capacity. In order to prevent loss of performance or to re-store the lost quality of a technical device, it is necessary to quantify its basic parameters or the parameters of its units, units and ok-rm accessories. All this is done when checking the medical equipment, which is carried out by the services of the visiting met-rological group. The article deals with: analysis of medical equipment, calibration of electrocardiographs and electroencepha-lographs, calibration of electrostimulators and low-frequency electrotherapeutic devices, used in the context, analysis of the verification of rheographs by the forces of service of the visiting metrological group. Conclusions: on the basis of the analysis it can be concluded that the methods and means of their diagnosis and control play an important role in the operation of medical devices. The proper functioning of these applications depends on human life, issues relating to the principles of the construction of medical devices, their use when verified by the serviceman of the visiting metrological group, to carry out calibration for a reduced me- taking into account the suggested recommendations.

Keywords: medical equipment, verification methods.


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