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Proposals for automated calculation of communication reliability on the tropospheric radio communication line

O. Kulik, M. Rysakov, I. Kostenko, O. Shcherbak, M. Dudko
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Description: The construction of a tropospheric radio communication line requires a preliminary selection of positions for the placement of tropospheric stations, calculation of the reliability of communication at its intervals and subsequently on the entire line. The features of the construction of tropospheric radio communication lines to the lines of direct visibility are related with the features of the distant tropospheric propagation of ultra-short waves, which determine the features of selecting the tropospheric radio communication line and require calculating the margin of the radio signal by fading at tropospheric radio communication line intervals, and the reliability of communication at all its intervals to determine the suitability of each of them for communication and, at the end of the determination of the suitability of the entire tropospheric radio link for communication. It is required that the types of tropospheric stations be preliminarily selected for line deployment, the azimuths of the mutual placement of tropospheric stations, the total angle of closure of the antenna stations of the intervals and the lengths of these intervals be calculated. In most cases, such calculations are performed “manually”. It is obvious that the sequential calculation of all parameters necessary to determine the reliability of communication at each of the intervals and tropospheric radio communication in general, takes a lot of time. Especially time-consuming is the step of calculating the closing angles of the tropospheric stations antennas and the elevation for each of the intervals of the tropospheric radio communication line by constructing a terrain profile drawing on a large-scale topographic map. In addition to this use, in the following steps to determine the reliability parameters of the connection of tables, graphs and nomograms, lead to errors that are made by the calculation executors. To achieve a significant reduction in time for planning the tropospheric radio link and to improve the accuracy of calculations is possible by involving computer technology and the development of appropriate special mathematical and software. The mathematical algorithm for the automated calculation of communication reliability at tropospheric radio communication line intervals and on the entire line is proposed. The calculation algorithm provides that the values of the equivalent length of each interval have already been calculated. The algorithm is given as a sequence of calculated expressions with corresponding coefficients. The values of these coefficients were obtained for tropospheric stations, which are in service with the communication forces and information systems of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by mathematical description of graphs and nomograms of the mutual dependencies of communication reliability on the corresponding parameters.

Keywords: algorithm, tropospheric radio communication line, tropospheric station, communication reliability, radio signal reserve


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