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  5. The use of the standard digital radiocommunication system DMR IP Site Connect as part of the communication system of the National guard of Ukraine

The use of the standard digital radiocommunication system DMR IP Site Connect as part of the communication system of the National guard of Ukraine

I. Mayboroda, O. Kazimirov, V. Lazarev, М. Gluschenko, V. Tolokneev
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Description: The importance of information exchange in realti meisso high, that the modern battle canbe talked about as happening in the communication field and the winner of it willbe the one, who has not only thе classic means of combat, but also reliable means of communication. The implementation of the so-called concept of “communication battle field” will allow the most effective use of combat resource stoachieve tactical and strategic objectives. It is known that the modern principles of organization of communication and technical equipment of the communication units of the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU) do not allow to fully satisfy the needs of the command of troopsin the conditions of modern combat. Consequently, the development of new approaches for building a tactical level communication system that meets there quirements of current time is a nurgent scientific problem. The article discusses the features of the use of IP Site Connect technology (IPSC) and the prospects of itsapplication in the construction of the NGU communication system without loss for functionality, reliability and security. This technologyis a specialized way of building a digital network using the MotoTRBO equipment, which provides users with the choice to create radio networks, in which the lowcost of building a basic in frastructureis combined witht heability to take advantage of the DMR standardin a largearea. Flexible topology in combination with modularity in architecture makes IPSC a viable solution for systems serving a relatively small number of subscribers who require stableand high-quality radio communications. In IPSC mode, protected voice traffic is transmitted between base stations (retransmitters) unchanged, which guarantees the confidentiality of radio conversations a cross the entire radio network. The main distinguishing feature of the IPSC DMR radio network is thatany activity of subscribers in the area of on eretransmitteris fully replicated on all other retransmitters in cludedin the IPSC network. Ready technology solutions allow them to be transferred to the militaryen viron ment with minimal changes and can be fully use dinun its of the NGU.

Keywords: communication system, radio communication, IP Site Connect technology, repeater, mobile base stations, information exchange


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