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The electromagnetic weapon classification

E.A. Avchinnikov
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The results of theoretical researches, which are directed on a next development of systemic structure classification electromagnetic weapon, were realized in article. The analysis was realized and classification characteristics were determined concerning influence factor, influence objects (goals) and electromagnetic weapon directly. The division of the influence degree of the electromagnetic field on the influence objects (goals) was proposed. The electromagnetic weapon classification which is realized concerning determined characteristics includes the modern developments of weapon models and the models, which can appear in future. The main directions of electromagnetic weapon development by using were realized in article.
Keywords: electromagnetic weapon, classification characteristics, electromagnetic weapon classification
Avchinnikov, Ye.O. (2014), "Klasyfikatsiia elektromahnitnoi zbroi" [The electromagnetic weapon classification], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 1(37), pp. 93-101.