Directions of board control spacecraft

Y.B. Pribylev, A.O. Podorozhniak, I.V. Novikova.
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The article defines the place of on-board complex of control in the management structure of spacecraft. An approach to the construction of on-board control of control of spacecraft. The basic components of the BCC and their tasks are describe. Shows the structure of the software - the main link BCC integration. Formulated directions of development and improvement of the BCC using neural network technologies.
Keywords: spacecraft, on-board control complex, software, neuronet technologies
Pribyliev, Yu.B., Podorozhniak, A.O. and Novikova, I.V. (2014), "Napriamky rozvytku bortovykh kompleksiv upravlinnia kosmichnykh aparativ" [Directions of board control spacecraft], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 1(37), pp. 201-206.