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Classification attributes of fighters generations

V.V. Loginov, E.A. Ukrainetc, A.V. Yelanskiy
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Description: In the article the classification attributes of fighters generations are selected for the validation of a parametric aspect of a maneuver combat aircrafts. The developed classification attributes can be used for determination of a technical and economic level of a perspective and modernized fighters, that allows reasonably to choose the variant of a military combat aviation model. It is shown that high-quality and quantitative descriptions of fighter airplanes subsystems play a substantial role in the estimation of directions of their development and required level of aircraft performance, economic and operating characteristics.

Keywords: military combat aviation equipment, aircraft, complex of armament, aviation engine, generation of airplanes, integration of subsystems, fighter airplane

 Lohynov, V.V., Ukraynets, E.A. and Elanskyi, A.V. (2014), “Klassyfykatsyonnыe pryznaky pokolenyi samoletov-ystrebytelei” [Classification attributes of fighters generations], Systems of Arms and Military Equipment, No. 2(38), pp. 121-130.