Defining rational route truck traffic

S.V. Kavun, A.S. Stepanova, O.G. Zima
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An approach to problem solving delivers a load, taking into account existing constraints. The solution is using the procedure of recursion. Are given plots of computing time to view all the possible combinations of routes and according to the total length of the route from the car load, and a table of the main characteristics of theoretical relationships.
Keywords: optimization of routes of motion of truck, optimum decision
Kavun, S.V., Stepanova, A.S. and Zyma, A.H. (2010), "Opredelenye ratsyonalnыkh marshrutov dvyzhenyia hruzovыkh avtomobylei" , Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(24), pp. 144-147.