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  5. Aerodynamic planning of the specialized agricultural airplane

Aerodynamic planning of the specialized agricultural airplane

D.N. Zinchenco, Salimi Hadgi M. Farid, V.M. Yarigin
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The presented characteristic features of exploitation of the specialized agricultural airplanes taking into account the modern specific of agriculture. The definite most more meaningful factors, that affect efficiency of agricultural airplane. The considered features of unstationary aerodynamics, taking into account the results of flying tests of airplane-prototype the given estimation of the possible influencing of periodic motion of airplane earth on safety of piloting. The considered features of piloting agricultural by air, that affect quality of conducting. The offered method of the aerodynamic planning of agricultural airplane, the analysis of results of computation of different variants of eventual airfoil is conducted. The presented results of computation of aerodynamic descriptions of the arrangement of airplane, formed on the offered method.
Keywords: aviation chemical works, aerodynamic descriptions, unset motion, dispersion of aerosol, end inductive whirlwinds, end airfoils