The model of an educational process of discipline

K.S. Malyshkina, A.B. Egorov, R.V. Lohmachev
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Description: In the given work the models of varying complexity educational process were analyzed by using the unified model of the unit of an educational process. The models of processes such as distance (with a glance the influence of teachers) and individual training (no metering the influence of teachers) were considered to determine their quality coefficients – effectiveness and efficiency of the process. Application of the proposed models for solving the problem of improving the quality and controllability will make it possible to optimize an educational process for the real specialties, real abilities of the students and provision levels of the process.

Keywords: educational process, the unit of an educational process, quality coefficients, coefficient of student’ efficiency, parameter of teaching, effectiveness of an educational process

Malyshkina, K.S., Yehorov, A.B. and Lokhmachov, R.V. (2010), “Model protsesu navchannia dystsyplini”, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 3(25), pp. 208-212.