Positioning of vortical power divider modes

S.N. Pasichnik
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Following scientific results are obtained: models of vortical power divider, which differs from existing ones by representing of transformational features of vortical power divider as object of positioning, method of structural and parametric identification of vortical power divider mathematical model is improved by using of behavior features of initial logarithmic amplitude-frequency characteristics and frequency synthesis method of the automatic positioning system is further developed, which allows to apply algebraic methods of design and to provide sustainability and quality of operation in wide range. The efficiency was confirmed of the models and methods of full-scale experiments, which were conducted on the created hardware and software for bench tests of vortical power divider, were proposed.
Keywords: vortical power divider, automatic positioning object, structural and parametrical identification, synthesis
Pasichnyk, S.M. (2010), "Pozytsiiuvannia rezhymiv vykhrovoho enerhorozdiliuvacha" , Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 4(26), pp. 179-185.