Method of quantitative estimation of safety

V.G. Ivanov, Yu.S. Lis, S.V. Ivanov
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Description: It is suggested to estimate the state of safety by two basic indexes is the state of pre-conditions, and also qualities of organization of safe exploitation. Introduction of pre-conditions to the traumatism and quality of organization of exploitation of electrical installation allows to take into account different factors, influencing on a traumatism. Introduction of this method in practice will allow substantially to shorten electrical accident, promote the state of safety and, it is most important, will allow to manage safe exploitation of electrical installation on different hierarchical levels.

Keywords: safety, electrical accident, electrical installation, method of quantitative estimation of electrical safety

 Yvanov, V.H., Lys, Yu.S. and Yvanov, S.V. (2010), “Metodyka kolychestvennoi otsenky bezopasnosty”, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 4(26), pp. 218-221.