Support of the complex ballistic purposes

A.V. Chelpanov, S.I. Khmelevsky, O.A. Khmelevskaya, G.V. Rybalka
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Description: Questions of support of the complex ballistic purposes, opportunities of increase of reliability of selection of marks (measurements of coordinates) in overlapped strobes are considered at support of the complex ballistic purposes, including on the basis of nonparametric methods of the analysis. The opportunity of construction of a uniform basic trajectory (ЕОТ) which parameters can be used for correction of estimations of parameters of elements СБЦ is considered. The method, allowing to reduce quantity of calculations is offered at selection of marks in a strobe.

Keywords: support of the purposes, the complex purpose, selection of marks

 Chelpanov, A.V., Khmelevska, O.O., Khmelevskyi, S.I. and Rybalka, H.V. (2011), “Suprovodzhennia skladnykh balistychnykh tsilei”, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 1(27), pp. 116-118.