Informatics in the system of legal education

V.G. Ivanov, M.G. Lyubarskiy, N.A. Koshevaya, M.V. Gvozdenko, N.I. Maznichenko
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Description: In-process the concept of subject industry of informatics develops and directions of creation methodology of the rich in content filling and use of modern informatics are examined in legal education on the basis of conceptual principles of co-operation and association of interests legal informatics. The objective and appropriate process of integration of right and informatics is selected and methodology of filling of maintenance of educational making informatics is offered, that allows to carry out preparation of lawyers of new generation (юрист-информатик), having a high level of informative competence.

Keywords: informatics, integration is legal and informatic, legal informatics, educational constituent of informatics, legal education

 Ivanov, V.H., Liubarskyi, M.H., Kosheva, N.A., Hvozdenko, M.V. and Maznychenko, N.I. (2011), “Informatyka v systemi yurydychnoi osvity”, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 1(27), pp. 263-267.