Ground of necessity of study of military management

В.С. Polikashin, S.Yu. Pol’akov, O.V. Polikashin
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Description: The necessity of study of military management students and listeners of higher soldiery educational establishments of Department of defense is grounded in the article. Ukraine and by the students (by students) of soldiery faculties and departments of civil higher educational establishments, and also officer personnels of Military powers on the courses of the in-plant training.

Keywords: military organization, management, management, military management, manager, military manager

 Polykashyn, V.S., Poliakov, S.Yu. and Polykashyn, O.V. (2012), “Obosnovanye neobkhodymosty yzuchenyia voennoho menedzhmenta”, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 1(30), pp. 193-197.