Correlation processing of chaotic signals

С.S. Vаsutа, A.A. Grizо, F.F. Zots
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Description: Possibilities of traditional correlation processing at a detecting coherent chaotic signal on a background noises and jamming are analyzed in the work. It is shown that at a detecting and processing of coherent chaotic signals traditional correlation processing is applicable. The presence of fluctuations parameters of signal (distortions of his form) from distribution in heterogeneous atmosphere and feather of reflection of from target substantially reduces quality of such processing. Upgrading of processing is possible by application of unconventional methods, taking into account the specific structure of chaotic signals through their dynamic invariants.

Keywords: correlation processing, chaotic signal, selection of the moving purposes

Vasiuta, K.S., Gryzo, A.A. and Zots, F.F. (2012), “Korreliatsionnaia obrabotka khaoticheskikh signalov”, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(31), pp. 62-64.