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  5. Evaluation of closeness of functions of some classes

Evaluation of closeness of functions of some classes

G.А. Starets, L.I. Kurpa
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Atomic functions – it финитные the infinitely differentiated upshots of some differential-functional equalizations (equalizations with the rejection of argument). The theory of atomic functions is created school of I.O. Rvacheva. Appeared, that atomic functions are comfortable and by a very perspective vehicle at application in the different areas of science and technique. In particular, the use of atomic functions is effective at the decision of regional tasks. Except for it, the theory of atomic functions promotes to development of some important questions of theory of approaching of functions and, in particular, theories of rows of type of rows of Teylora (rows of I.O. Rvacheva).
Keywords: atomic functions, splines, eventual smoothness, eventual differences