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  5. Generalized classifications of unmanned air vehicles

Generalized classifications of unmanned air vehicles

A.G. Korchenko, O.S. Illyash
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According to a generalization of common classifications and performance characteristics of existing Unmanned Air Vehicles, this article calls attention to its classification which is based on 16 the fundamental features) aircraft applications; 2) type of a control system; 3) flight rules; 4) airspace classification; 5) aircraft types; 6) wing types; 7) takeoff/landing direction; 8) types of takeoff/landing; 9) aircraft engine types; 10) fuel system; 11) fuel tank types ; 12) number of exploitations ; 13) category (according to the weight and range); 14) flight radius ; 15) flight altitude; 16) Aircraft Functions.
Keywords: Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Air Vehicle System, classification of UAV, fundamental features of UAV