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  5. Calculation of electrical dipole pole in troposphere duct

Calculation of electrical dipole pole in troposphere duct

E.A. Melenty, O.I. Sukharevsky, S.V. Kukobko, E.S. Roschupkin
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For location and correct determination of co-ordinates of air targets in troposphere duct facilities of radio-location, foremost, it is necessary to know the structure of the electromagnetic field, created transmitter aerial within the limits of troposphere duct. In the article the numeral method of electrodynamics calculation of constituents of the electromagnetic field of horizontal dipole is offered at existence of troposphere duct. A method is based on integral equalizations; he takes into account sphericity of walls of duct, polarization of emitter and electric parameters of environment of distribution of radio waves. The results of calculation of distributing of the field of horizontal dipole are in-process presented in a troposphere duct.
Keywords: electrical dipole, troposphere duct