The fighting under Kharkov in early 1943

A.I. Demennikova, D.V. Ofy
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2013 is the 70th anniversary of the victory at the Kursk Bulge. It is also the annum of the tragedy that occurred near Kharkov. This article recount the events of 1943, when Soviet troops carried out a sequence of operations under the general title of the third battle for Kharkov. But, after the defeat at Kharkov assessment the Soviet command againassess the situation really, that allowed to prepare the Battle of Kursk brilliantly and forever change the course of World War II.
Keywords: Battle of Kharkov, 1943, operation "Star," operation “Leap."
Demennikova, A.I. and Ofii, D.V. (2013), "Boiovi dii pid Kharkovom na pochatku 1943 roku" , Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(35), pp. 233-237.