Management of quality of electric energy

B.T. Kononov, N.N. Rabucha, V.M. Sheka
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In the article the ways of improvement of quality of electric energy are grounded in the systems of power supply of military objectives. Correlations over are brought for determination of managers of the influences, sent to the change of values of phase and linear resistances of reactive, counterbalancing and compensating devices.
Keywords: ferorezonans, loss compensation voltage electrical network with rectifier load, higher harmonic components
Kononov, B.T., Riabukha, N.M. and Shcheka, V.M. (2013), "Upravlinnia yakistiu elektrychnoi enerhii" [Management of quality of electric energy], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 3(36), pp. 158-161.