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  5. Piezoelectric transformer for generators power-stations

Piezoelectric transformer for generators power-stations

N.N. Sapiga, P.F. Bydanov, Е.N. Yukova
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Descriptions and constructions are considered home and foreign piezoelectric accelerometer based on different physical principles for measuring of parameters of vibration and the mathematical model of bimorph piezoelectric transducer offers with a pickoff 1ПА-9, that allows to estimate the sensitiveness of transformers of this type taking into account the row of assumptions. Equalizations of output tension and dimensionless sensitiveness of accelerometer of type are got 1ПА-9. For providing of most sensitiveness of transformer the thickness of metallic and piezoelectric disk must be chosen from a condition, that a relation of these thicknesses approximately is 0,4 and higher potential is situated in central part of disk.
Keywords: bimorph, piezoelectric, sensitiveness, module