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  5. Research methods for improvement aerospace optoelectronic materials

Research methods for improvement aerospace optoelectronic materials

O.O. Biloborodov, V.I. Prysazhnyi, A.M. Malanchuk, G.V. Rybalka, A.V. Chelpanov
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The article presents the results of a study of methods to improve the quality of aerospace materials optoelectronic shooting. It is shown that the solution of problems providing interpretive properties of images there is a contradiction between the need to reduce the size of optical receiver elements to improve the performance of spatial resolution and increase their performance to improve dynamic range and radiometric resolution , which is limited to the value of S / N ratio . The basic methods of improving the signal / noise ratio in modern samples optoelectronic scanning equipment identified areas for further research to determine how the implementation of the national samples in aerospace engineering.
Keywords: aerospace survey, electro-optical apparatus, image quality