Sharpening procedure in the genre of portraiture

V.V. Falii, T.A. Kolesnykova
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In this study, we consider one step in the improvement of digital image - sharpening in the genre of portrait photography. Sharpness is applied using aperture 3x3, in certain areas. These areas we take from certain boundaries that have a threshold limit. Restriction is necessary because certain boundaries - an 8- bit grayscale, and an increase in the large image (image with the defined boundaries) we will see a lot of small particles, which in a later stage (sharpening), may be more visible. To exclude the increasing noise, a threshold limit (threshold).
Keywords: sharpness, aperture, field area, the definition of the boundaries, the brightness, threshold
Falyi, V.V. and Kolesnykova, T.A. (2014), "Protsedura povыshenyia rezkosty v zhanre portretnoi fotohrafyy" [Sharpening procedure in the genre of portraiture], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 1(38), pp. 164-166.