Method of data processing in residue classes

V.A. Krasnobaeyv, I.A. Chernytskya, S.A. Koshman, А.М. Martynenko
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Description: The article describes the method of realization of the operations of addition of numbers in residue class (RC). The method is based on using the principle of circular shift (PCS). The examples of the operation of adding numbers in the RC based PCS are given.

Keywords: nonpositional residue class value system, the principle of circular shift, integer arithmetic modular operations

Krasnobaev, V.A., Chernetskaia, I.A., Koshman, S.A. and Martynenko, A.M. (2014), “Metod obrabotki dannykh v klasse vychetov” [Method of data processing in residue classes], Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(39), pp. 121-126.