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  5. Method of planning of project power of creation of product

Method of planning of project power of creation of product

D.V. Bozhko
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The method of choice of technological equipment and proper technological rigging is offered taking into account an acquisition and exploitation cost. Application of the developed method will allow substantially to shorten time of decision-making on a choice cutting and auxiliary instrument, to the choice and estimation of suitable equipment. For overcoming the vagueness of choice of criterion of optimumness in the different situations of productions the pertaining to bayes chart of logical conclusionconclusion is offered for the choice of technological equipment in the conditions of vagueness of basic data, on the type of consulting models. Thus a person, decisionmaking, gets possibility with greater probability to execute the estimation of direct expenses of hi-tech project.
Keywords: hi-tech projects, power of production unit, technological rigging, pertaining to bayes network