Decoding coordinate of aperture of images

S.I. Krivenko , P.V. Polyakov
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Description: Grounded, that in the systems of compression of images, being based on the construction of aperture-coordinate description, for providing of the set level of authenticity of information it is required to carry out renewal of arrays of aperture co-ordinates without bringing of errors. The reciprocation of treatment of arrays of coordinates is proved, 2-D position numbers presented codes-numbers with unequal nearby elements. The stages of construction of de-enumerate are expounded governed, allowing to recover the arrays of aperture coordinates without bringing of errors. Thus taken into account limit on the range of values and on power of alphabet of the processed information. Shown, that for organization of process of renewal it is not required to utilized additional service information.

Keywords: arrays of coordinate differentials , recovering the data array

 Kryvenko, S.Y. and Poliakov, V.P. (2008), “Dekodyrovanye aperturnыkh koordynat yzobrazhenyi”, Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(17), pp. 96-99.