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  5. Definition directional angle due to observation pole star

Definition directional angle due to observation pole star

A.I. Prihodko, A.M. Krivosheev, C.N. Kolobylin
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Article devote to development measures which can allow in a further take advantage azimuthally nozzle ANB-1 perisscope surveying compass, so far as subsequent employment ANB-1 due to finishing century become impossible. According of stars movements research was spot the small b-sector for period from 2000 up to 2050 year.; Also was suggest a new scheme to replace exist reference grate ANB-1; to develop working procedure to replace exist reference grate; developing methodology of using azimuthally nozzle for definition directional angle at night before device’s reference grate replacement.
Keywords: azimuth, artillery, astronomy, b-sector, compass, management corner, attachment, periscope, star, celestial sphere, nutation, declension, world pole, declension, constellation, precession