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  5. Use of model of technological maturity in educational processes

Use of model of technological maturity in educational processes

I.A. Gonchar, M.A. Chobitko
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The problem of improvement of educational processes is important not only for separate educational institutions, but also for all country as a whole. Given clause offers to use the new approach for measuring of quality of educational services, which was earlier applied only in program engineering. With the help of model of technological maturity it is possible to give a quantitative estimation to quality of processes of granting of educational services. In clause the criteria are given, on which the higher educational institutions, and scale of measurement of technological maturity of these processes are estimated. Depending on a level of maturity of processes and the educational institutions as a whole get out the further measures on increase of quality of educational services. The application of model of technological maturity in higher educational institutions will allow to make educational processes more forecast able and controlled from the point of view of management.
Keywords: technological maturity, quality of processes, level of technological maturity, structure of ratings of attributes