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  5. The analysis of frequency properties of the multidot purposes

The analysis of frequency properties of the multidot purposes

N.D. Risakov, I.V. Titov, S.A. Makarov
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Work is devoted the analysis of dependence of an effective reflecting surface (ERS) to the multidot purpose and its autocorrelation function from frequency of signals of an irradiation. Such analysis is executed by a method of calculation ERS and autocorrelation function on the basis of the simplified model of the purpose and specification of dependences by results of calculation. Necessity of such analysis is caused by that in the literature and directories under the radar-location theory dependence of characteristics ERS of the purpose on a frequency rating of signals of a simultaneous irradiation is insufficiently concretised. As a result of work performance it was possible to concretise recommendations of a frequency rating of signals in radar station with a multifrequency probing signal for the decision of typical problems of a primary radar-location.
Keywords: effective reflecting surface, brilliant points, the multidot purpose, autocorrelation function, correlation factor, frequency of a signal of an irradiation