Method of calculation of losses of electric power

P.F. Budanov, V.S. Luchkov, M.V. Krasnokutskiy, Yu.V. Vasyuchenko
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An analysis is conducted and the necessity of creation of methods of calculation of losses of energy, allowing to utillize new informative possibilities, and also methods of development and introduction of measures is rotined on the decline of losses of electric power, adapted to the new economic terms. In addition, it is rotined that by the basic tendencies of application of modern information technologies, including at a calculation, analysis and decline of losses of energy in networks, are: association in the single complex of a few calculation modules, workings with a single database, computer-integrated with other automated checking and account of electric power systems and calculation expressions are got for the specified calculation of loadings losses of energy in the lines of electricity transmissions, expected value of tension in the knots of network and streams of reactive energy, use of which possibly in the case of joint treatment of information of automated informatively, – measurings checking and account of electric power and controller's management systems.
Keywords: losses of electric power, methods of calculation of losses of electric power, system of power supply, account of electric power, calculation of technical losses
Budanov, P.F., Luchkov, V.S., Krasnokutskyi, M.V. and Vasiuchenko, Yu.V. (2009), "Metodyka raschёta poter эlektroэnerhyy" , Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 2(20), pp. 99-103.