Method for increasing throughput of manet

S.V. Valuiskyi
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Description: The paper is devoted to the important scientific and technical task, which is to develop a method of increasing mobile adhoc networks throughput based on the placement control of telecommunication aerial platforms in view of the rapid and unpredictable movement of mobile subscribers. Application of the method allows to increase the network throughput to 15-20% in comparison with existing methods. Deviations of solutions, received by proposed method, from results, received by exhaustive search method, are not more than 5-7%.

Keywords: MANET, UAV, throughput, placement control, mobile subscriber

 Valuiskyi, S.V. (2013), “Metod pidvyshchennia produktyvnosti mobilnykh radiomerezh”, Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine, No. 1(10), pp. 104-110.