A system for flood mapping from satellite sar data

S.V. Skakun
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In work new approach is offered for drawing a map of the flooded territories on the basis of satellite information, got a radio-locator with the synthesized aperture. For segmentation and classification of satellite images the networks of neurons – selforganized cards of Kokhonena are used. Offered approach verify on these companions of the European space agency of ERS2/SAR and Envisat/ASAR and realized within the framework of the system of monitoring of floods with the use of technology of Sensor Web.
Keywords: radio-locator with the synthesized aperture, drawing a map of floods, networks of neurons, ERS-2, Envisat
Skakun, S.V. (2009), "Systema obrabotky radyolokatsyonnыkh sputnykovыkh dannыkh dlia kartohrafyrovanyia navodnenyi" , Scientific Works of Kharkiv National Air Force University, Vol. 4(22), pp. 29-34.